Hotel Laundry Service

Guests expect the highest standards when they stay in your establishment. Let us look after your linen requirements. Our hotel laundry service ensures you create the perfect first impression whenever clients stay in your hotel.  Give your customers the best. We’ll collect, launder and deliver fresh linen to your business and help you maintain the highest standards throughout the year. Our hotel laundry service enables you to manage your business, whilst we take of your linen needs.      

Restaurant Tablecloth Hire

Impress diners the moment they walk through your door. Create a spotless image with quality tablecloths - you only get one chance to create a good impression! Take advantage of our restaurant tablecloth hire service. Choose a style and design that suits the decor of your business and we’ll ensure your reputation is never tarnished.  Match your excellent standards of service with beautifully presented linen. We supply tablecloths of the highest standards and our prices are hard to beat. Get in touch to improve your business image. 

B&B Services

We know how demanding it can be to run a bed and breakfast business. That’s why our laundry and linen service is tailored to the needs of busy B&Bs. Don’t stress about sheets. Ensure guests sleep soundly and use our laundry service, we’ll clean, finish and package sheets exactly as you like, making life easier for you. With competitive prices and offering a speedy solution, we guarantee to streamline linen services, helping you to concentrate on other aspects of your business. Ring now for a chat about our B&B services.  

Salon / Spa Toweling

We understand that running a busy salon, spa or barbers can be very demanding. The last thing you want to be dealing with is washing and drying towels. At BTS we offer a very professional towel laundry service and towel rental service. Many of our customers report that the savings made in electricity, machinery, time and wages easily covers the cost of service. They also report the very high standards of cleaning has improved their image. We also supply very high quality luxury spa and salon towels for purchase at discounted rates. Customers who purchase new toweling from us automatically receive discounted laundry rates for the lifetime of those towels. If you want a high quality towel service or want to purchase new toweling, then please give us a call. Our advice is free